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Keravive & Surface Awakening Treatment

Are you experiencing the feeling of finer, duller, thinner hair and looking for a holistic and scientific approach to health and wellness?

Meet Alexis, Laurel, and Lexi. Our team at the State of Mind who specializes in healthy scalp and hair rejuvenation. Schedule your consultation today!

Alli Schwab

During a consultation for individuals experiencing hair loss, we make several visual observations. One important indicator we look for is the presence of a white ball at the end of the hair strand. If this white ball is absent, it suggests that the hair loss is due to breakage rather than natural shedding.

Additionally, we pay special attention to the hairline and temple area, looking for numerous small and short hairs. By gently combing various sections of the head, we can assess if this length of hair is consistent throughout, which would indicate new growth and be a positive sign.

Another aspect we consider is the health of the scalp. A dull and gray scalp makes it challenging for new hair to grow, as the new hair tends to be weak. If the scalp appears dull and gray, it typically indicates a buildup of hardened skin. To address this issue, we recommend using the SURFACE elixir and mask, which are designed to improve scalp health.

Lastly, we explain the three stages of hair growth to our clients. Each stage lasts approximately 90 days. The hair grows, then goes into a dormant phase, and eventually falls out. It is normal to shed between 100 and 150 hairs per day.

For more advanced treatment options, we highly recommend Keravive by Hydra Facial. This 45-minute treatment involves exfoliation, cleansing, and nourishment of both the hair and scalp. It utilizes a superfood formula that promotes hair growth and enhances fullness for both men and women.