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State of Mind Salon
Pattie Couch Convo

State of Mind – Couch Convos with Pattie & Marissa

Welcome to our company – a place where personal health, financial health, and emotional health collide.

From the very beginning, we knew our mission had to be more than just profit. We believed that success starts from within and that each team member’s well-being is the foundation upon which greatness is built. That’s why personal health is our first focus. But we didn’t stop there…

We may be a local company, but our impact is far-reaching. Our passion for growing people has transformed us into a mentor company, serving as a guiding light for our team members’ aspirations. We have fostered a culture where in a safe space dreams can be pursued, nurtured, and transformed into reality.

So, join us on this heart warming journey as we continue to write the chapters of success, one team member at a time. Together, we reach for the sky, empowering each other to soar higher than we ever thought possible. Stay tuned and watch another episode of COUCH CONVOS and uncover the secrets of becoming a mentor company, and remember, with our company, the sky is truly the limit!” – Pattie Kobe | State of Mind Owner